Andy Carson, MA - Buffalo

Andy is laid back and personable. If you've ran into a road block, he wants to help. He admires the strength it takes to make the call to come in for counseling. He sees that people feel limited and he wants to help clients regain their strength and power to be the best self possible. He is looking to help in any way that deems neccessary collaboratively with the client.

Andy Carson has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy from the Adler Graduate School in Richfield, MN.  Andy is a Mental Health Practitioner pursuing licensure to be a Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor; he is also a Career Counselor.  As a holistic thinker he prefers to use skills from all the above mentioned areas to best help his clients create and reach their goals.  Andy views therapy as collaborative effort between the client(s) and the therapist.  He believes that a deeper sense of self-awareness is crucial to facilitate change and create positive and useful thoughts, behaviors, and habits to implement in everyday life.  He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 763-245-2576.

Andy has interest in working with people of all abilities, and has a particular interest working with adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the diagnosis formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome.    

He is under the supervision of Heidi Waldoch, MA, LMFT and Mary Einerson, MA, LPCC, LMFT. 

He enjoys working with young people on the autism spectrum who are transitioning into adult life.  Andy has 7 years of experience working with young adults in a group home who had developmental disabilities.    

Andy also specializes in working with people who are making important changes in their life. These Life Transition Skills include changes, such as: changing schools, entering high school, college life, entering the workforce, and beginning or ending of relationships. 

Andy works with individuals, couples, and families and with adolescents, teens, and adults to apply and help implement:  

  • Psychotherapy 

  • Career Counseling    

  • Executive Functioning Skills  

  • Independent Living Skills 

  • Life Transition Skills  

  • Anxiety Management 

  • Social Skills