• Client Forms

    Client forms can be found in the Client Portal.

    To access your account, click the Client Portal button at the top right of the page or the following link: https://valant.io/myio/Bridginghope/

    Release of Information (click to download)

    Starting June 29, 2015, all client records will be electronic moving forward.  Current clients will be given information to set up a portal by their therapist.  New clients will be given the information before their appointment.

    In accordance with the 2015 MN Electronic Health Record Mandate, all health care providers must have in place a certified interoperable electronic health record system. We at Bridging Hope Counseling have chosen to transition our clinical practice to a secure new system called Valant, which is in compliance with Minnesota state law. Your records and information are kept confidential within this electronic system.

    It is a requirement that all current clients go through the process of creating their online patient portal account within our new system. We ask that you follow the steps outlined below to establish portal access. Please feel free to call your provider directly should you have any questions.

    1. To initiate your portal access, please click on the link you will be receiving in your email. If you do not have the email, please go to: https://www.valantmed.com/Portal/Bridginghope/AccountSetup/EnterValidationCode
    2. Enter your last name.
    3. Enter your validation code. (CODE EXPIRES AFTER 24 HOURS)
    4. Type the text shown in the “captcha” image displayed, then click the Setup Account button.
    5. Once you have entered the above information, you will be taken to the Account setup page. Please complete the following:
      • Enter a username of your choice.
      • Create and confirm unique password according to the requirements.
      • Select and answer three security questions, then click “Create account.”
    6. After completing the initial account setup, please click on the tabs from the main page.
    7. Under the Home tab, you will see a list of New Measures and Clinical Forms. Please take time to click on and complete each form listed. This will take you about 20 minutes and all answers are kept confidential and read only by your provider.
    8. Also under Home tab, on the right hand side, is Quick Links to Change Demographics or Insurance Information. Please click there and review your current information for accuracy. Alternately, go to the Account settings tab and please add/edit demographics and be sure your correct name, address, and contact information is listed.
    9. Go to the Practice Paperwork tab and review the Privacy policies and Patient agreement for services. You will be asked to electronically sign these documents
    10. From the Messages tab, you can send me secure emails. You are welcome to still send emails via my Bridging Hope address. The option within Valant is for HIPAA compliant secure messaging

    All Bridging Hope Counseling documents can be found on your client portal.