Why Counseling?

Who wants to see a therapist?

Is it easy to admit you could use a little help with your life?

Do you refer your builder like you would a therapist? Or maybe your auto mechanic?

Have you been thinking about counseling but don't think it will help?

Bridging Hope Counseling works with individuals, couples, and families from communities surrounding the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.We understand many people don't race to see a therapist.  This is where we're different.  We approach counseling with an understanding it may not be your favorite place to be. If you do make the choice to call us, you're already one step toward a better life.  Although it doesn't appear fun all the time, it's worth it.  We have a bit of an attitude when it comes to therapy.  Wouldn't you rather be having fun? We are strategic in getting you to the place where you want to be.  Part of our goal is to help you not come to therapy any more. We want therapy to be worth your time and energy.

We work with many kinds of people.  We connect well with teens, and enjoy the rewards and challenges of working with families.  We believe every person is genuinely trying to do their best.  Please talk with us about your specific circumstances to see if one of our therapists would be a fit.

Please check around the website for more information about what you are specifically looking for.

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Are you and your teen having troubles?

Do you feel like you've lost the connection you used to have?

Are you fighting about whether your teen has an "attitude"?

Are you worried about your adolescent, but feel like he or she won't let you in?

Bridging Hope Counseling provides counseling for parents and teenagers throughout the Twin Cities metro area.You're facing one of the hardest times for parents and adolescents alike.  Parents don't hound their teens because it's fun. Parents are often angry, hurt, sad, impatient or afraid for their teens.  Likewise, teens aren't acting as they do without reason.  The teen years are filled with enormous physical and psychological changes.  While teenagers brains are fully developed in many ways, some of the behavior you see is the result of brain processes that aren't complete until their mid-twenties.

The research shows, however, that this is a critical time to be there as a parent. It's very important to connect with your teen or adolescent without getting into a standoff with him or her about decisions she or he may be making.

Here's where we can help: Both of you need to feel respected and heard for you to make a change in how you're relating. This is the starting place for beginning to address issues such as curfew, friends, dating, drugs, alcohol, respect, staying in touch, and other common issues parents and teens share. Let us help you help your teen. Whether you believe it or not, your son or daughter wants a connection with you