• Couples and Marriage Therapy

    Our closest relationships and connections to others are what brings us some of life’s greatest joy. It’s normal for every relationship experience ups and downs, and it can be helpful to receive guidance and support to work through specific struggles and strengthen your relationship.

    Couples counseling can be difficult because you need two people to commit to participating. However, a therapist’s objective guidance grounded in experience and training can be tremendously helpful when two people from different backgrounds, values, and beliefs are navigating life together.


    Common reasons to seek help:

    • Communication difficulties
    • Parenting
    • Infidelity
    • Relational conflicts
    • Grief/Loss
    • Intimacy
    • Addictions
    • Stress
    • Spiritual/religious beliefs
    • Finances

    Is your partner not willing to participate? See if they might be willing to try one of our free 30-minute consultations with one of our therapists. It is important to remember you cannot force someone into counseling. You may choose to begin seeing a therapist on your own and work on struggles you’re facing as an individual.

    Our Approach

    Validation is a very effective skill to use with your partner.  Many times, one or the other does not feel heard, and the intensity of the conversation goes up and it becomes a fight.  Click here to learn about validation and how to use it with your partner.

    EMDR with couples

    Sometimes our partner “triggers” something in us and we react in a way we wish we hadn’t.  Doing EMDR with couples can not only allow one person to get “unstuck” from something in their past, but it also allows the other partner to increase empathy.  Both can understand each other more and have compassion.  A previously heated situation can be handled rationally.  To be able to do EMDR with couples, both have to have strong resources and support in their life.


    Prepare/Enrich Program is for couples in the pre-marriage stage, cohabitating couples, cohabitating couples with children and married couples.  Each Prepare/Enrich Inventory is a 165-item questionnaire assessing relationship strength and growth areas in 20 categories.  If you are interested in the Prepare-Enrich Program, please Contact Bridging Hope Counseling for more information.  Visit the website of Life Innovations for more information on the program.

    Contact us today to speak to one of our caring staff and we can help find the right therapist for you.