• Carol Quinn, Ph.D, M.Ed



    Most of us eventually encounter a situation which feels too heavy to carry alone. I believe all humans are trying their best with what they have available and consider it an honor to be with others as they explore their own capacity for growth and fulfillment. I trust that adults and children alike are moving toward betterment and can access all of their internal resources only when they feel safe and entirely accepted. I prioritize the therapeutic relationship between myself and my clients and hope to offer you a space you can use to explore the issues most important to you and to reach your own conclusions.

    I enjoy working with clients from diverse backgrounds. I have supported clients ranging in age from early childhood to late adulthood and have worked in school, hospital, and outpatient settings. I find that each counseling process is uniquely suited to the person undertaking it and allow myself to be moved by the moments of courage and sometimes great pain which can accompany this work. I trust clients to make the best decisions for themselves, including when to begin counseling, what issues to address, and how much to share about topics they may find sensitive. I view my role as one of a loyal companion rather than a leader, recognizing that each client enters counseling with a great deal of wisdom and personal experience.

    After my master’s program at Louisiana State University, I wanted to continue my education to offer quality services to children and families. I completed my PhD in Counseling at the University of North Texas, where I received specialized training in counseling children and play therapy. Just like adults use words to express and understand their experiences, children use play as a form of communication. Through play, I am able to understand children’s feelings, experiences, and perceptions in a way that matches their developmental level. I value adult involvement from parents and guardians throughout the play therapy process because they are the most significant figures to young clients.

    Outside of Bridging Hope Counseling, I am eager to explore all Minnesota has to offer as a new resident. I enjoy visiting local libraries and hiking trails with my family.