• Mai Thao, MA, LMFT

    Mai Thao, MA, LMFT

    Mai Thao, MA


    I believe that true transformation will affect all aspects of your life (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual).  Sometimes we can’t understand ourselves.  Why do we do the things we do that lead us back into the same negative cycles?  Self-awareness is the start to change. We cannot get to the finish line if we are not completely honest about where we are starting from. Healing will take time and effort. Healing is rarely a single event; it’s an intentional journey that can only be completed if the Hope of Freedom outweighs the pain you’ll be experiencing through it.

    Yes, I have experience with others that have similar issues as you but YOU are unique, and YOUR STORY is unique, so that means YOUR SOLUTION is also unique.  I would be honored to journey with you, to listen to your story, and together we can discover what freedom looks like in your life.

    Mai Thao is a compassionate and motivating person licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy. She offers individual, couples, and family counseling at the Lino Lakes office.  Mai uses active listening, genograms, and questioning to understanding life from the client’s perspective in order to help connect relational patterns and process the heart issue.  She has and continues to speak at Marriage, Young Adult, and Youth conferences.

    Born in Thailand, Mai has a love for diversity and learning different cultures.  She keeps herself active through Volleyball, walking trails, and playing with her children.

    “What you believe about yourself and others will shape how you live.” -Dr. Rob Reimer (author of Soul Care and personal friend/mentor)”