• Supporting Military Veterans: Our loved ones, our heroes

    If you are wondering how to support Veterans, I am your girl. I have first-hand experience on what life is like being married to a Veteran, having family in the service, and how to support a loved one while they adjust to life after the Military. 

    A Veteran’s adjustment to life after the Military may be difficult and will likely take a period of time. Many Veterans experience lasting impacts from their time of service. To support your Veteran during their adjustment period, it can be helpful to give them their personal space and the gift of time and patience. Are you finding it difficult to find ways to support your Veteran? Check out my tips below:

    • Be patient and understand that Veterans have had experiences that may be difficult to understand as a Civilian
    • Give your Veteran space and and avoid pressuring them
    • Offer support but allow them to choose when they want to lean on this support
    • Avoid comparisons and avoid telling them that you “understand” 
    • Do your own research and learn Military terms
    • Ask about their occupation and what they enjoyed about the Military
    • Ask how the Military positively impacted their future plans

    Both Veterans and their loved ones can find therapy to be beneficial. Here at Bridging Hope, we have therapists that specialize in the supporting members of the Military and their loved ones. Reach out today to be connected. 

    On this Memorial Day, we want to offer our deepest gratitude for the sacrifices that the men and women of the military and their families have made to preserve our freedom and peace. We honor you, and are forever grateful.

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