• Teen’s DBT

    Is your teen struggling with a rollercoaster of emotions?

    Help your teen learn valuable skills to navigate the teen years more smoothly. The teen years can be some of the most difficult for teens and parents alike. BHC offers specialized group therapy (DBT) for teens – a creative, experiential way to experience therapy. The best part? They’ll find connection and validation among other teens and our caring counselors.

    What is DBT?

    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) sounds clinical, but it’s really just a form of specialized individual or group therapy that can benefit everyone. DBT helps us become more fluent in skills that we use to navigate life more smoothly. It helps us hone skills like:

    • mindfulness
    • emotional regulation
    • interpersonal relations
    • stress tolerance

    Learn more about DBT here.

    DBT Schedule

    You can view available times and locations for Teen DBT groups below.